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Note: AngularJS 1.3 has dropped support for IE8. Read more about it on our blog. AngularJS 1.2 will continue to support IE8, but the core team does not plan to spend time addressing issues specific to IE8 or earlier.

This document describes the Internet Explorer (IE) idiosyncrasies when dealing with custom HTML attributes and tags. Read this document if you are planning on deploying your Angular application on IE.

The project currently supports and will attempt to fix bugs for IE9 and above. The continuous integration server runs all the tests against IE9, IE10, and IE11. See Travis CI and

We do not run tests on IE8 and below. A subset of the AngularJS functionality may work on these browsers, but it is up to you to test and decide whether it works for your particular app.

To ensure your Angular application works on IE please consider:

  1. Use ng-style tags instead of style="{{ someCss }}". The latter works in Chrome and Firefox but does not work in Internet Explorer <= 11 (the most recent version at time of writing).

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