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package sys.ssl

extends Socket

@:coreApi Available on cpp, hl, java, lua, macro, neko, php, python

A TLS socket class : allow you to both connect to a given server and exchange messages or start your own server and wait for connections.


new ()



Define if peer certificate is verified during SSL handshake.


addSNICertificate (cbServernameMatch:String ‑> Bool, cert:Certificate, key:Key):Void

Configure additionals certificates and private keys for Server Name Indication extension. The callback may be called during handshake to determine the certificate to use.

handshake ():Void

Perform the SSL handshake.

peerCertificate ():Certificate

Return the certificate received from the other side of a connection.

setCA (cert:Certificate):Void

Configure the certificate chain for peer certificate verification.

setCertificate (cert:Certificate, key:Key):Void

Configure own certificate and private key.

setHostname (name:String):Void

Configure the hostname for Server Name Indication TLS extension.

Static variables

static DEFAULT_CA:Null<Certificate>

@:value(true) static DEFAULT_VERIFY_CERT:Null<Bool> = true

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