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Migrating to v3.0

As with all MAJOR releases in semver, there are breaking changes in [email protected]. This guide will walk you through those changes.

sinon.stub(object, "method", func) - Removed

Please use sinon.stub(obj, "method").callsFake(func) instead.

var stub = sinon.stub(obj, "stubbedMethod").callsFake(function () {
    return 42;

Codemod available at

sinon.stub(object, property, value) - Removed

Calling sinon.stub with three arguments will throw an Error. This was deprecated with [email protected] and has been removed with [email protected]

sinon.useFakeTimers([now, ]prop1, prop2, ...) - Removed

sinon.useFakeTimers() signature has changed. To define which methods to fake, please use config.toFake. Other options are now available when configuring useFakeTimers. Please consult the documentation for more information.

sinon.sandbox.create(config) - Config changes

The changes in configuration for fake timers implicitly affect sandbox creation. If your config used to look like { useFaketimers: ["setTimeout", "setInterval"]}, you will now need to change it to { useFaketimers: { toFake: ["setTimeout", "setInterval"] }}.

Removal of internal helpers

The following internal functions were deprecated as of [email protected] and have been removed in [email protected]:

  • sinon.calledInOrder
  • sinon.create
  • sinon.deepEqual
  • sinon.format
  • sinon.functionName
  • sinon.functionToString
  • sinon.getConfig
  • sinon.getPropertyDescriptor
  • sinon.objectKeys
  • sinon.orderByFirstCall
  • sinon.restore
  • sinon.timesInWorlds
  • sinon.valueToString
  • sinon.walk
  • sinon.wrapMethod
  • sinon.Event
  • sinon.CustomEvent
  • sinon.EventTarget
  • sinon.ProgressEvent
  • sinon.typeOf
  • sinon.extend

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