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  1. $aria
  2. provider in module ngAria

Used for configuring the ARIA attributes injected and managed by ngAria.

angular.module('myApp', ['ngAria'], function config($ariaProvider) {
    ariaValue: true,
    tabindex: false


Requires the ngAria module to be installed.


  • config(config);

    Enables/disables various ARIA attributes


    Param Type Details
    config object

    object to enable/disable specific ARIA attributes

    • ariaHidden{boolean} – Enables/disables aria-hidden tags
    • ariaChecked{boolean} – Enables/disables aria-checked tags
    • ariaDisabled{boolean} – Enables/disables aria-disabled tags
    • ariaRequired{boolean} – Enables/disables aria-required tags
    • ariaInvalid{boolean} – Enables/disables aria-invalid tags
    • ariaMultiline{boolean} – Enables/disables aria-multiline tags
    • ariaValue{boolean} – Enables/disables aria-valuemin, aria-valuemax and aria-valuenow tags
    • tabindex{boolean} – Enables/disables tabindex tags
    • bindKeypress{boolean} – Enables/disables keypress event binding on <div> and <li> elements with ng-click
    • bindRoleForClick{boolean} – Adds role=button to non-interactive elements like div using ng-click, making them more accessible to users of assistive technologies

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