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  1. $cookies
  2. provider in module ngCookies

Use $cookiesProvider to change the default behavior of the $cookies service.


  • defaults

    Object containing default options to pass when setting cookies.

    The object may have following properties:

    • path - {string} - The cookie will be available only for this path and its sub-paths. By default, this is the URL that appears in your <base> tag.
    • domain - {string} - The cookie will be available only for this domain and its sub-domains. For security reasons the user agent will not accept the cookie if the current domain is not a sub-domain of this domain or equal to it.
    • expires - {string|Date} - String of the form "Wdy, DD Mon YYYY HH:MM:SS GMT" or a Date object indicating the exact date/time this cookie will expire.
    • secure - {boolean} - If true, then the cookie will only be available through a secured connection.

    Note: By default, the address that appears in your <base> tag will be used as the path. This is important so that cookies will be visible for all routes when html5mode is enabled.

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